Come join us in Banff in May 2018!

Mark off your calendars. We are meeting in Banff for our next 2-day Agile Open Space. The dates are Monday-Tuesday, May 28-29, 2018. The ticket link will be up soon. See you there!

We Inspect & Adapt

Based on feedback from the 2017 event in Vancouver, we have adjusted the Open Space to two full days. This gives us more time for conversations, learn from each other, and just plain old have more fun.

Banff? Yes Banff!
We continue the Agile Open Canada tradition of moving the event to a new city each year. In our first year, we held the event in Calgary. Since then, we have been in Vancouver and Victoria. This year, we are back in Alberta in over-the-top-beautiful Banff.

OK, where in Banff?
The venue is Banff Park Lodge. We have secured a number of rooms that the participants are able to book in connection with the Open Space event. More information on number of rooms, pricing, where to book, etc. to follow shortly.

The 2018 Agile Open Space builds on all the good points from the past three years. We play. We smile. We laugh. Come prepared to share your latest ideas, challenges, lessons learned, laughable moments, and experiments. Passion is contagious! Is this your first Open Space, read more here.

We need your help sponsors
We intentionally keep the ticket prices low to open the event up for anyone interested. Sponsorships helps keep the price of entrance low. Are you interested in sponsoring the event, please check out the details.